Current Status

Former Professor of Psychiatry, University of Huddersfield Consultant in Learning Disability Psychiatry, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax, South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust

Qualifications:LRCP MRCS MBBS MD FRCPsych


Cooper’s Company’s School, Bow London

  • 10 ’0′ levels, 3 ‘A’ levels, 1 ‘S’ level

Guy’s Hospital Medical School, London

  • Confined Science Scholarship
  • First publication – A review and classification of diseases affecting basement membranes, 1974.
  • Qualified 1975: LRCP, MRCS, MBBS.

Previous Posts

General Training

  • Orpington Hospital, Kent
  • House Surgeon and Physician, 1975-1976
  • Registered 1976: GMC

Psychiatric Training

  • Charing Cross Hospital
  • Rotational Training Scheme in Psychiatry, 1977-1980
  • Unpublished project ‘Rhinencephalon Reactivity in Psychosis’ – the psychophysiology of smell in psychotic patients
  • Whitecroft Hospital, Isle of Wight
  • Registrar in Psychiatry and Mental Handicap, 1980-1981
  • Unpublished project ‘Steroids in Dementia’ – a trial of low-dose steroids in senile dementia
  • Qualified MRCPsych 1981

Senior Registrarship

  • Ida Darwin Hospital, Cambridge
  • Senior Registrar in Mental Handicap, 1981-1984
  • Second publication – An investigation of the cause of a cluster of Down’s Syndrome, 1982
  • Third publication – Editorial in Lancet on cerebral palsy and child abuse, 1983

Consultant Post

  • Hull Health Authority, North Humberside Consultant in Psychiatry of Mental Handicap, 1984-1987
  • Member Unit Management Group – 438 beds
  • Chairman Joint Planning Team, Health and Social Services – Revenue costs, new services planned £10 million, capital costs £2 million. Planned services involving closure 2 hospitals : 360 beds
  • Inaugurator with Computer Science, Hull University, of North Humberside computerised mental handicap register based on WHO International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps
  • Fourth publication – an examination of a new pharmacological treatment of violence and self-injury in the severely learning disabled, 1986
  • Paper, unpublished – the construction of an assessment and registration system for mental handicap service planning
  • Leeds Community and Mental Health Services NHS Trust 1987-1989, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in psychiatry, University of Leeds’ Medical School

Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer and examiner, undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychiatry, 1987-1999
  • Director, Special Study Modules in Psychiatry for MBBChir students
  • Tutor to MMedSc dissertation


Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and MMedSci Psychiatry (Postgraduate) Committee, 1987-1999 Member, Leeds, Wakefield & Pontefract Rotational Training Committee, 1987-1999

Convenor, Senior Registrar Training in Learning Disability Psychiatry, Yorkshire Region, 1988-1999 Editor and contributor – major work – ‘Psychiatry in Learning Disability’ – 409pp, Saunders. Published September 1997.

NHS Administration

  • Member, Leeds Learning Disability Services Management Team – 416 hospital beds originally, now 110 beds in the community
  • Inaugurator, Leeds Special Needs Unit for Severe Challenging Behaviour in the Learning Disabled, 1988 – now the lynch-pin of Leeds CMH Trust Learning Disability Service
  • Inaugurator, Regional medical audit in challenging behaviour in mental handicap, 1990
  • Inaugural consultant, Mental Impairment (Forensic) Unit, High Royds Hospital, 1994 -9 a new concept in assessment and rehabilitation of learning disabled offenders
  • Inaugurator, combined clinic in Neurology & Psychiatry
  • St James’s University Hospital, 1992-7
  • Secretary, Leeds Committee of Consultant Psychiatrists 1993 -1995
  • Member, Therapeutics Committee, 1988-1993
  • Independent Assessor to Hospital Consultants’ Committee regarding NHS Complaints Procedure, 1996-
  • April 1997 – Opening of new 23-bed Assessment and Treatment Unit, Woodlands Square at St Mary’s Hospital, Armley, Leeds
  • May 1997 – Closure of Meanwood Park Hospital
  • July 1997 – Awarded Certificate of Merit, Hospital Doctor of the Year Award
  • October 1997 – Woodlands Square opened by HRH Princess Royal
  • 1998 – Appointed Director of Newhaven, St. Luke’s Hospital, a mental impairment, low-secure rehabilitation unit. Appointed Consultant in Learning Disability Psychiatry, South West Yorkshire Trust
  • 1999 onwards – Appointed Professor of Psychiatry, University of Huddersfield, School of Human Health Studies
  • 2003 onwards – Chairman of Medical Staff Committee SWYT, the major opinion-forming medical organisation and management/doctor
  • 2004 onwards – Chairman of the Research and Development Committee and Chairman of the Learning Disability Task Group
  • 2005, Inaugurator of Transition Clinics for adolescents with LD in Huddersfield and Dewsbury, covering a population of 750,000 and including a joint clinic with a senior paediatrician
  • 2006 onwards – Associate Medical Director for education and training – responsible for the Dewsbury, Halifax and Huddersfield rotational training scheme in psychiatry
  • 2006 appointed SWYT named doctor for child protection

Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Examiner MRC Psych, 1989-94
  • Assessor, Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1993- The assessor for Yorkshire is responsible for approving all consultant job descriptions in this speciality in Yorkshire
  • Member, Panel of Observers to MRCPsych examination, Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1996 – observers assure quality control to
    the MRCPsych by visiting examination centres, observing examiners at work and providing feedback to candidates
  • March 1997 – Awarded Fellowship of The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Research Grants

Recipient £25,000 by Duphar for studies of Eltoprazine in Aggression.

Co-recipient research award of £150,000 from Leeds Health Authority for quality of life review regarding learning disabled people moved from hospital into community, 1996-1999.

Recipient of £5000 award from Janssen Research Foundation for research with Risperidone in learning disability, 1996.

June 1997 – Awarded £47,000 by Janssen Research Organisation for studies of Risperidone in Conduct Disorder.

November 1999- Awarded further £75,000 by Janssen Research Organisation for further studies of Risperidone in the severely and profoundly learning disabled.

2002 – Awarded £80,000 by Janssen Research Organisation for further studies of Risperidone in children with learning disabilities. Also awarded £20,000 by University of Huddersfield for epidemiological studies in forensic learning disability.

2006 Awarded £2,500 by Astra-Zeneca for study of application of WHO International Classification of Function, Disability and Health.


Reviewer – British Journal of Psychiatry and Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 1988-96

Organiser, yearly Leeds Learning Disability Symposia: 1992 – Mental Handicap for General Psychiatrists – covering the variety of
presentations of dual diagnosis.

1993 – Issues of Care re learning disabled – combination of Health Authority and Trust managers came together with Social Service
managers to discuss strategic issues.

1994 – Mentally handicapped sex offenders – presentations and discussions on legal, ethical, behavioural and pharmacological issues related to sex offenders who are learning disabled.

1995 – The Use of Medication in the Learning Disabled – combined symposium with the Psychiatric Pharmacy Association to review
prescribing trends.

1996 – Self-Injurious Behaviour – psychological and psychiatric approaches to this difficult subject which formed the basis for 4 major publications in the British Journal of Psychiatry. August 1996 – MD Thesis submitted – “The Diagnosis and Treatment of Organic Behaviour Disorder”.

March 1997 – MD awarded

1997, Fellowship of Royal College awarded and publication of textbook “Psychiatry in Learning Disability”

1999 – Awarded Chair in Psychiatry at University of Huddersfield.

2000 – Master of Science degree in Learning Disability – Quality of Life was validated and the first ten students were enrolled. Was Pathway Leader for five years, during which 8-12 students per year were enrolled. Course was revalidated in 2005-06 and is now supported by the NHS Consortium.

2000 onward – Module leader for “Psychiatry in Learning Disability” module, MSc LD – QOL.

External Management Experience

King’s Fund College, Top Management Course, 1992-1993.

Outside consultant to 4 medical management enquiries:

1992 – Balderton Hospital, Newark, Notts. Chairman of a Regional Health Authority enquiry into the quality of care, risk assessment and circumstances surrounding the murder of one patient by another in a learning disability hospital – confidential report.

1993 – Psychiatric Services, Burnley General Hospital, Lancs. Chairman, enquiry into the failure of institutional psychiatric services to progress to high quality community care. Report published.

1995 – Roundway Hospital, Devizes, Wilts. Medical member, enquiry team in the rapidly consecutive occurrence of 3 inpatient suicides in a major psychiatric unit. Report published.

1997 – Learning Disability Services, St Luke’s, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Chairman, enquiry into the all-round failure of a learning disabled forensic rehabilitation unit to admit, assess, treat and discharge patients.

2006 – A Severe Untoward Incident Inquiry at Doncaster NHS Trust. External Advisor, providing a confidential report.

Professional Interests

    • The diagnosis, treatment and research of violence and self-injury.
    • Influence of psychiatric disorder on quality of life in learning disability.
    • Clinical information systems for service planning.
    • Learning disabled sex offenders.
    • Conduct and personality disorders in adults.
    • Examination systems in psychiatry.
    • Former Special Needs Governor – East Leeds High School.

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